Treated Paper Watercolor Workshop

Treated Paper Workshop 

Wednesday and Thursday – May 24th and 25th 2017 (10am to 4pm both days)

This workshop is one of Kay’s most requested workshops ever! This Treated Paper workshop is a unique experience in working with transparent watercolor. The surface of hot pressed paper is coated with acrylic medium and then watercolor applied loosely and abstractly. The outcome is a mystery all the way through the process. Words like intriguing and amazing come to mind as we watch the magic unfold.


Kay's painting is featured in Splash 13!

Kay’s painting is featured in Splash 13!

The workshop will begin with a great lesson in design and include daily critiques to guide the student through this fascinating process. Learning to let go and let the medium of watercolor take over is part of the benefit of this workshop. The stand back in awe principal is definitely at work here. You may work out design problems, create fabulous textures, rework areas and lift out paint as much as your painting requires with out the usual problems we might have in more traditional approaches to watercolor painting. You may create a very loose and abstract painting or work with it to bring the work closer to realism. We will explore rocks and waterfalls, underwater scenes, brilliant florals using this unique and exciting technique. This is a fast and fun adventure in painting!!

Cost is $190.00 for 2 full days. (Bring a lunch or snack each day)
Class size is limited. Sign up soon!

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For more details you may call me at 2 zero six three 7 two seven six one one

Kay Barnes


Supply List:

Acrylic gel medium, gloss
Two sheets of 140# hot pressed paper 22”x30”
Bring generous tubes of watercolors (see list of colors below), you may bring some of your obscure colors as well to experiment
Your usual palette
Your biggest wash brushes 1 ½” and 2”
Robert Simmons #755 skyscraper 1- inch white sable brush
Round brushes sizes 6,8,14 and a #6 sable rigger
8 Glad ware or other resealable plastic containers 4oz size
Muffin tin-this is important as we will use these to prepare our color mixtures
A sheet of ½ inch Gator board for support, the size you want to work on. If you are planning to do yet another painting please bring a second board.
(I usually work on ½ sheets or full sheet watercolor paper)
Spray bottle with a fully adjustable nozzle and misting bottle with a fine spray
Have a box of Kleenex and a roll of paper towels, and a natural sponge, also lots of rags
Protective gear (apron) and shoes you don’t care about in case you dribble on the floor.
Large bulldog clips

Suggested colors:
For landscape and waterfall themes
Quinacridone Burnt Orange, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, French Ultramarine Blue, Pthalo Blue, Quin Burnt Scarlet, Raw Umber, Sepia, Cerulean Blue, Pthalo Turquoise, Alizarin Crimson, Indigo, Paynes Gray and any other granulating earthy colors you like. This is a great workshop to include those Daniel Smith Primatek colors you have wanted to use.

Colors you choose for other paintings (such as flowers) should be appropriate to subject.

Please look for close up photo of rocks and waterfalls, as well as flowers birds, etc. After we paint a waterfall, you may want to try a floral theme (or any other subject matter that may work well with a textural approach, bird, weather buildings etc.)

This is a lesson in letting go of control and watching what happens with the magic of the treated paper process. Please bring a lunch or snack, an open heart and mind and lots of creative energy!