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Kay with a recent floral work.

Kay with a recent floral work. Come to class and see how you too can create wonderful watercolors like this in a supportive, creative studio environment.

February 2015

The new workshop and class schedule signups are online and ready >>> HERE

Winter class sessions are going to focus on value relationships and the Spring sessions are going to look at florals, transitions and color.

My brushwork instructional video is coming out this month!

It’s going to be the first of many subjects we are going to address in the Watercolor world that we all so very much enjoy!

Please use the links provided on the left to view classes and registration information as well as a supply list of materials for classes and workshops. My galleries of original watercolor paintings are a sample of my work and what we work on together in the studio.

If you would like to give a Kay Barnes Gift Certificate please click here!

Reviews by students:

“Kay gives me honest and supportive critiques..I have made steady growth with my watercolor art, and in addition, I have gained a dear friend.” Pat Hitchens, Student “Kay’s painting is magical. Her teaching is clear…and always both informative and entertaining.”  E.V. Butler, Student “Kay is a lighthearted spirit and imparts a sense of confidence and competence to her students.” Jeanette Jones, Student


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